Czech vs. US Stock Exchange (Burza Cennych Papiru v Ceske Republice versus USA)

10 09 2008

As you know the US stock market is not doing very well nowadays, but the situation is very similar in the Czech Republic. Today, the shares on the Prague Stock Exchange (BCPP) fell to the lowest closing level since mid-July 2006. Just in one day, the PX index lost 4.92 percent and in one year 24.78 percent. The reasons for this decline are loses on advanced foreign stock markets and falling prices of commodities. Many foreign funds and banks are selling their assets. Moreover, new investors are not interested in putting their money in real estate market and commodities. The Czech Republic is now involved in global market, thus, its economy will be likely affected to a similar extent that is visible in the United States.




Je uz znamo, ze Americky trh na tom neni moc dobre, ale situace v Ceske republice je velmi podobna. Dnes Burza Cennych Papiru v Praze zaznamenala nejnizsi uroven od roku 2006 v polovine cervence. Pouze v jednom dni PX index ztratil 4.92 procent and v jednom roce jiz 24.78 procent. Duvodem pro toto klesani jsou ztraty na zahranicnim trhu akcii a klesajici ceny zbozi. Mnoho zahranicnich fondu a bank nyni prodava jejich majetky. Navic, novi investori nemaji zajem davat jejich penize do nemovitosti a zbozi. Ceska republika je dnes zapojena do globalniho trhu, a proto jeji ekonomika bude vice mene ovlivnena do podobneho rozsahu jako Spojene Staty.




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