Prague Stock Exchange Down Again (Ceska Burza Cennych Papiru Znovu Klesla)

6 10 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole.

Not even a month ago we talked about the Prague Stock Exchange mentioning its loss of 4.92 percent. Today the situation even worsened creating a new record loss of 8.46 percent. This has been the biggest fall in one day since 1993. The PX index fell to the lowest level (1,102.9 points) in the last three years, generating the overall decrease of 41.38 percent in one year.


As we already mentioned, the Czech stock market is involved in the global market and crisis abroad will affect it as well. However, some people still believe that the Czech Republic will not be as affected as the United States. On the other hand, the financial specialists believe that this decline will continue bringing the global economy into recession.



Ani ne pred mesicem jsme hovorili o Burze Cennych Papiru v Praze, ktera klesla 4.92 procent. Dnes se situace jeste zhorsila a vytvorila novy rekord – 8,46 procent, ktery byl nejvetsim poklesem od roku 1993. PX index klesl na nejnizsi stupen (1.102,9 bodu) za posledni tri roky a zpusobil celkovy pokles 41,38 procent v jednom roce.


Jak jsme se uz zminili, Ceska Burza je zapojena do globalniho trhu a krize v zahranici ji take ovlivni. Nicmene, nekteri lide stale veri, ze Ceska republika nebude ovlivnena tak jako Spojene Staty. Na druhe strane, Cesti financni odbornici veri, ze tento pokles bude pokracovat a prinese celosvetovou ekonomiku do hospodarskeho poklesu.

Sources (Zdroje):




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