90th Anniversary of Foundation of Czechoslovakia Today (Dnes 90. Vyroci Zalozeni Ceskoslovenska)

28 10 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole.


Today, on 28th of October, Czech citizens will have a chance to see a two-hour parade to celebrate foundation of the independent Czechoslovakia. The parade will take place on Evropska Street in Prague 6 at 1 PM with 2,102 participants with 196 pieces of equipment.


The parade will include participation of the President of the Czech Republic, Czech defense minister, the Castle Guard units, Army of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Medical Rescue Services, and the City Police.


Watch more at Ceska Televize: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/vysilani/28.10.2008/




Dnes, 28. Rijna, obcane Ceske republiky budou mit prilezitost shlednout dvou-hodinovy pruvod k oslave vzniku samostatneho Ceskoslovenska. Prehlidka se bude konat v Evropske ulici v Praze 6 v 13 hod. s 2.102 ucastniky s 196 kusy techniky.


Prehlidka bude zahrnovat ucast prezidenta Ceske republiky, Ceskeho ministra obrany, jednotky Hradni straze, Armady Ceske republiky, Policie Ceske republiky, Hasicsky zachranny sbor, Zdravotnicke zachranne sluzby, a Mestske policie.


Sledujte vice na Ceske Televizi: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/vysilani/28.10.2008/


Sources (Zdroje):






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