Slovak Vodka is Popular in New York (Slovenska Vodka Je Popularni v New Yorku)

23 11 2008

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The New Year is approaching and you may notice that all grocery stores are filled with different goodies and alcoholic beverages to help us say farewell to the 2008 year and to welcome the arrival of the new year of 2009. If you live in New York you can buy a new brand of vodka that is manufactured in Slovakia. This Vodka has won two prizes: for its appearance, but also for its unique flavor. The vodka is called Double Cross Luxury Vodka and it is the only Slovak vodka that has entered the United States markets.

When the American entrepreneurs were looking for a producer of this vodka they intended to find somebody in Eastern Europe. They looked in Poland and the Czech Republic, but they chose the Slovak Republic. Here they met Dr. John Krak, who was a master of distillation. They decided to collaborate with him on the proposal for a new product, which was to be sold around the world.

So why is this product so interesting? It is made with spring water from the foothills of the Vysoke Tatry mountains drawn from aquifers located 200-feet below ground level. A 100% organic winter wheat is used as a raw material. Vodka is then distilled 7 times and filtered 7 times through a diamond dust. The final product has 40% alcohol by volume and flavors of white pepper and a lemon zest.

Just the fact that the vodka is filtered through diamonds is very attractive, but when you see its bottle, it will attract you even more for a taste. The bottle is 12 inches high (30.5 cm) and contains 750 ml of this luxurious liquid. Moreover, the bottle is square with a double cross logo and verses of Slovak poets etched into the glass. The double cross logo is  derived from the Slovakian flag and coat of arms.

Double Cross Luxury Vodka was awarded the Gold Medal for Packaging/Design and taste at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is the only vodka to ever receive both of these prizes together. It is sold exclusively through the companies: Southern Wine & Spirits of New York and Allied Beverage Group in New Jersey. It is not sold in Slovakia or any part of Europe. You can purchase it in restaurants, clubs, bars and retail outlets in New York and New Jersey for $49.99. For more information, please see the producer’s website HERE.





Novy rok se blizi a muzete si vsimnout, ze vsechny obchody s potravinami se naplnuji ruznymi dobrotami a alkoholickymi napoji pro rozlouceni s rokem 2008 a privitani noveho roku 2009. Pokud zijete v New Yorku, muzete k teto oslave zakoupit pravou slovenskou vodku, ktera zvitezila za svuj vzhled, ale take za svou jedinecnou chut. Jmenuje se Double Cross Luxury Vodka a je to jedina slovenska vodka, ktera prorazila do Spojenych Statu.


Kdyz americti podnikatele hledali vyrobce teto vodky, meli v umyslu najit vyrobce ve vychodni evrope. Hledali v Polsku i Ceske republice, ale vybrali si Slovenskou republiku. Zde potkali Dr. Jana Kraka, ktery zde byl mistrem destilace. Rozhodli se zacit s nim spolupracovat o navrhu noveho produktu, ktery bude prodavan ve svete.


No a co je na tomto produktu tak zajimave? Je vyroben z pramenie vody z upati Vysokych Tater z pramenu 200 stop (~61 metru) v podzemi. Jako vyrobni surovina je pouzita 100% organicka ozimna psenice. Vodka je pak filtrovana 7-krat destilovana a 7-krat filtrovana pres diamantovy prach. Konecny produkt ma 40% alkoholu, chut bileho pepre a nadech citronu.


Uz jen fakt, ze je tato vodka filtrovana pres diamanty je velmi atraktivni, ale kdyz shlednete jeji lahev, prilaka vas jeste vice k ochutnani. Lahev je 12 inchu vysoka (30.5 cm) a obsahuje 750 mL teto luxusni tekutiny. Navic je hranata se stylizovanym dvojitym krizem a versemi slovenskych basniku vyleptanych do skla. Dvojity kriz je odvozen ze slovenske vlajky a znaku.


Double Cross Luxury Vodka ziskala zlatou cenu za obal/design a chut v San Franciscu ve World Spirits soutezi. Je to jedina vodka, ktera kdy ziskala tyto obe ceny dohromady. Je prodavana exkluzivne skrze spolecnosti Southern Wine & Spirits of New York a Allied Beverage Group in New Jersey. Neprodava se na Slovensku a nebo jinych castech Evropy. Muzete si ji zkoupit v restauracich, klubech, barech a maloobchodnich mistech v New Yorku a New Jersey za $49.99. Pro vice informaci navstivte stranky vyrobce ZDE.



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