Czech and Slovak ATMs Celebrate 20 Years! (České a Slovenské Bankomaty Slaví 20 Let!)

15 01 2009

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Today, it has been exactly 20 years since the first ATM was installed in Prague at Wenceslas Square. It was not an on-line machine, as you know nowadays and was originally only available to employees of the Czech State Savings Bank. Later on, other, more sophisticated ATMs appeared and were available to the public, but even today Czech and Slovak ATMs have room to grow.

What does the ATM acronym really mean? It stands for Automated Teller Machine thus when ATMs are used for withdrawals or deposits of cash, no human intervention is needed. Moreover, you can use the service any time of the day or week. In the beginning, Czech and Slovak ATMs, were not that sophisticated as in other countries at that time but they somewhat evolved more than in other countries.

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How To Get Money To Family and Friends in Europe (Jak Poslat Penize Rodine a Pratelum v Evrope)

7 11 2008

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One of the problems that we have had in the past was getting money to our family in the Czech Republic. It used to be that you could only use Western Union or send cash with somebody travelling to Europe. Western Union works well but they charge a large fee for this transaction. We solved this problem in two different ways:

1) We requested a second ATM/Debit Card from our CU(Credit Union)/Bank and sent it to our relatives in Europe.

 2) We opened an account at a CU/Bank with our relative present and added them to the account.

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