How Did We Get To The EU? (Jak Jsme Se Dostali Do EU?)

22 01 2009

Would you like to learn about the Czech Republic, its history and important historic events that lead the country to the European Union that it is presiding over? You will probably like the following video that describes just that in the Czech language with English subtitles.  Even though the movie is animated, viewers of all ages can enjoy its simplicity that captures all important aspects of Czech history.





The Origin of Czech Motorways (Puvod Ceskych Dalnic)

15 11 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole (Kliknete na “Read the rest …”)

D1 in the 1960s (D1 v 60tych letech)

70 years ago, Karel Chmel, then-employee of Velitelstvi stavby dalkovych silnic (VSDS) “headquarters of building long-distance roads”, invented the word “dalnice” (motorway). He did so after the invitation of the master of VSDS Vaclava Nosek. Motorway plans had already started in 1935. One of the problems was to find a suitable route. Bata’s route from Cheb to the Velky Bockov won in 1938, but the plans were changed during World War II, when Czechoslovakia was occupied by Germany. The Czech motorways of today don’t resemble the initial plans, but they are growing in all directions thanks to funding from the EU.
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