Only Good Things from Czech TV Noe (Pouze Dobré Věci od České TV Noe)

13 02 2009

It is not the first or last time that we have talked about different opportunities that will keep you connected with the home country. One of the most requested and popular ways to stay in touch with our language and happenings at home is, of course, the television. That is not a problem these days since we can watch Czech and Slovak movies, documentaries, news, or popular TV series through the Internet. Why not add to our list of online television stations? Today, we introduce to you TV Noe (Noah) – Good News Television that will keep you entertained, while opening your eyes and bringing new values to your lives.



Ten Memories of Czech Christmas (Deset Vzpominek na Ceske Vanoce)

21 12 2008

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ níže.

In our recent article we mentioned that Christmas time in the Czech Republic was always associated with beautiful music and fairy tales played on our national television. Today, we have selected our top ten music videos that remind us the real Czech Christmas atmosphere. How many of them do you know? You can answer this question in our poll below.




V našem nedávném článku jsme se zmínili o tom, že vánoční čas v České republice byl vždy spojen s krásnou hudbou a pohádkami, které se hrály v naši národní televizi. Dnes jsme vybrali deset nejlepších hudebních videí, které nám připomínají skutečnou českou vánoční atmosféru. Kolik jich znáte? Na tuto otázku nám můžete odpovědět v naší anketě níže.

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Dagmar Havlova’s TV Comeback (Dagmar Havlova se Vraci do Televize)

11 12 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole (Kliknete na “Read the rest …”)

This Sunday the Czech audience will have a great opportunity to watch a new television movie premiere called “Kanadska Noc” (Canadian Night) with Dagmar Havlova, the wife of the former president of the Czech Republic – Vaclav Havel. The dramatic story is about two parents that lose their only son during his studies in Canada. This film, which will certainly touch the hearts of many viewers, is directed by Zdenek Zelenka and it is based on a true story.

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Do You Miss Czech Historic Towns? Watch The Illusionist Movie. (Je Vam Smutno po Ceskych Historickych Mestech? Podivejte Se Na Film The Illusionist)

22 11 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole (Kliknete na “Read the rest … “)


Last night, again just a coincidence, we discovered another American film shot in the Czech Republic – called The Illusionist. Immediately after the first minutes of the film, we found the places, where the story took place, very familiar. On the basis of a scenario, the story took place in Vienna; however, the whole movie was shot in Prague, Tabor, Česky Krumlov and other Czech places. Would you like to see how the places, where the film was filmed, look today? You can, of course, visit the Czech Republic or look at the following photos.


So what is the movie about? The main hero is a magician, who began studying the art of magic as a little boy. Soon after he also met with a girl who lived in a higher social class. The girl congregated with the young magician against orders from her family. At one time, the boy decided to leave his home town to travel around the world. The girl during this time period became the fiancée of a Crown Prince. One day, however, she met with a magician named Eisenheim. It was that boy with whom she played with about 15 years ago, but during his trips around the world he changed his name. Initially, she did not recognize him, but then everything was revealed, including their distant past.


The story took place in Vienna, but was shot in the Czech Republic in Prague and Tabor. Česky Krumlov was used to display the city, where the young magician was born. The castle, where the Crown Prince lived, was really a historical fort Konopiště. Other places where the film was shot were: Dobříš Castle, the Vinohrady Theater, and  Barrandov Studios. The Czech Film Orchestra accompanied this movie and you can see Swarovski crystals too. Well, do you wonder how the place, where the story was filmed, looks today? You can visit the Czech Republic or take a glance at the following photos from Pieter Dirkx below.





Vcera vecer, zase jen nahodou, jsme objevili dalsi americky film natoceny v Ceske republice – jmenuje se The Illusionist. Hned po prvnich minutach filmu jsme zjistili, ze mista, kde se pribeh odehraval, nam byla velmi povedoma. Na zaklade scenare se mel film odehravat ve Vidni, ale byl cely natocen v Praze, Tabore, Českém Krumlově a dalsich ceskych mistech. Chcete se podivat, jak mista, kde se film natacel vypadaji dnes? Muzete, samozrejme, navstivit Ceskou republiku a nebo si prohlednou nasledujici fotografie.


No a co cem je tento film? Hlavni hrdina je kouzelnikem, ktery zacal studovat umeni magie jako maly chlapec. Brzy se take setkal s divkou, ktera zila ve vyssi socialni tride. Divka se setkavala s mladym kouzelnikem pres zakazy jeji rodiny. V jedne dobe se chlapec rozhodl opustit sve rodne mesto za zacal cestovat po svete. Divka se behem teto doby stala snoubenkou korunniho prince. Jednoho dne se ale setkala s kouzelnikem jmenem Isenheim. Byl to onen chlapec s kterym si hrala pred 15 lety, ale behem jeho cest po svete si zmenil sve jmeno. Zprvu tohoto muze nepoznava, ale posleze se vse prozradi vcetne jejich davne minulosti.


Pribeh se odehraval ve Vidni, ale byl natocen v Ceske republice v Praze a Tabore. Cesky Krumlov byl vyuzit k zobrazeni mesta, kde se mlady kouzelnik narodil. Hrad, kde zil korruni princ byl doopravdy historickou pevnosti na Konopišti. Dalsi mista, kde se film natocil byly: hrad v Dobříši, divadlo na Vinohradech a studia na Barrandove. Cesky Filmovy Orchestr doprovazel cely tento film a muzete take shlednout Swarovski krystaly. No a zajima vas, jak nektera z mist vypadaji dnes? Muzete navstivit Ceskou republiku a nebo se podivejte na nasledujici fotografie od Pietera Dirkxe.


Czech Movie in USA: Beauty in Trouble (Cesky Film v USA: Kraska v Nesnazich)

29 10 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole.

This relatively new Czech film is worth seeing in cinemas. Over the next three months you will be able to see Beauty in Trouble in six different places of the United States.


Release Dates:

12/12/08 – Detroit/Bloomfield Hills – Maple Arts Theatre

12/15/08 – Guild Cinema in Alburquerque, New Mexico

12/19/08 – Dallas / Angelika Cinema

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Last Minute Announcements (Oznameni na Posledni Chvili)

18 10 2008

CESKY preklad dole.

California, New York:

Did you go to Jarek Nohavica’s concert yet? Our partner,, would like to remind you that you still have a chance:

 10/18/08 – Denver (Buffalo Rose, 1119 Washington Ave., Golden, Colorado, 80401):                   (303) 332-3927           


10/21/08 – Los Angeles (Old World Festival Hall, 7561 Center Ave. #49, Huntington Beach, CA 92064):                   (702) 254-7409           

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Looking for Czech and Slovak Books? (Hledate Ceske a Slovenske Knihy?)

8 10 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole.

It is hard to live abroad and speak a second language. We do speak English at home but sometimes we just miss watching Czech and Slovak movies or reading books and periodicals that our family members bring over during their visits. We were also very happy when we found out that we could also find some very priceless pieces of Czechoslovak history right here in the United States.


One of the places where you can find Czech and Slovak publications is The University of Chicago Library. Their Archives of Czechs and Slovaks Abroad (ACASA) consist of several thousands of books, brochures, almanacs, periodicals, and personal papers of Czechs and Slovaks, who have lived outside of Czechoslovakia for a while. Most of them were published in North America in the past 150 years. Their collection, however, also includes titles originating in Western Europe, Australia, or South America.

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