Vaclav Havel – A Year Later Hospitalized Again (Václav Havel – Po Roce Opět Hospitalizován)

14 01 2009

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The former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, was hospitalized and underwent throat surgery. After the surgery he suffered complications, and was in serious conditions, but his condition slightly improved compared to yesterday. He is able to move and eat but he is very tired and needs a respiratory to breath. His wife, Dagmar Havlova, visits him on regular basis but even her visits are limited to give the former country leader a better opportunity for quicker recovery. 

Less than a year ago, Vaclav Havel ended up in the hospital. Last year he suffered from bronchitis and complained of a heart problem. His condition was not serious at that time but he needed intensive treatments. Havel used to be a heavy smoker and frequently experienced health problems. After his operation to remove lung cancer and other surgeries, he had breathing difficulties and needed extra care to treat other health problems caused by these invasive treatments.

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Paul Rausnitz – A Czech/American Citizen Proud of His Origin (Paul Rausnitz – Ceskoamericky Obcan Hrdy na Svuj Puvod)

16 10 2008

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Almost two weeks ago, the Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg presented sixteen individuals and three organizations with the Gratias Agit award in appreciation of promoting the Czech Republic abroad. The award was given in a form of a crystal globe.  One of the recipients was Paul Rausnitz, a Czech citizen living abroad but always proud of his country.


Paul Rausnitz was only 11 years old when he was put in prison in Ostrava, North-East of the Czech Republic. It was right after the occupation of the Sudetenland in 1938 by Germans. Then he was thrown to Poland, where he was waiting, along with his parents and two brothers, for visas to America. During that time the war broke out and instead of traveling to the United States, he continued to move the opposite direction – to the Eastern part of Poland.

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The US Radar Base Talks Bring CZ Tank Back Home (Diskuze o US Radarove Zakladne Prinasi Cesky Tank Zpet Domu)

25 09 2008

Between the two world wars, Czechoslovakia was one of the Europe’s most industrialized countries and one of the world’s biggest arms producers. The LT-35 light tank was the most cutting-edge weapon in its category. It was admired by Nazis during World War II and also by Americans after the war. Now, it is coming back to the Czech Republic from the United States thanks to the Czech Defense Minister Vlasta Parkanova, who negotiated its transport within the framework of US radar-base talks in the United States in July.

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Russian Occupation of Czechoslovakia 40 Years later (40. Let od Ruske Okupace)

8 09 2008

It has been 40 years since Russians occupied Czechoslovakia (last Russian soldier left in June 1991) and started a 20-year long repression. Prague was the main target for this attack since it was a center of political happenings. About 160,000 soldiers entered our country on August 21st, 1968 with about 6,300 tanks. Approximately 80 people died during the first days of occupation and hundreds were injured. The harm to our nation can be still seen today.

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