Only Good Things from Czech TV Noe (Pouze Dobré Věci od České TV Noe)

13 02 2009

It is not the first or last time that we have talked about different opportunities that will keep you connected with the home country. One of the most requested and popular ways to stay in touch with our language and happenings at home is, of course, the television. That is not a problem these days since we can watch Czech and Slovak movies, documentaries, news, or popular TV series through the Internet. Why not add to our list of online television stations? Today, we introduce to you TV Noe (Noah) – Good News Television that will keep you entertained, while opening your eyes and bringing new values to your lives.



New Czech TV Station Started Today (Nová Česká Televizní Stanice Dnes Spustila Vysílání)

11 01 2009

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

It is probably shocking for many Americans and other foreigners that the Czech Republic has so few TV channels. During communism, Czechs could only watch two channels that were ran by the communist Czech TV. Of course, there was no cable or satellite TV. The first TV after the velvet revolution was Nova TV that was later followed by Prima TV. Before today, the Czechs could watch channels by the companies named above. Today, however, a new television company has started their broadcast – TV Barrandov. It is a private television company that received a proper license for digital TV broadcast.

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