Only Good Things from Czech TV Noe (Pouze Dobré Věci od České TV Noe)

13 02 2009

It is not the first or last time that we have talked about different opportunities that will keep you connected with the home country. One of the most requested and popular ways to stay in touch with our language and happenings at home is, of course, the television. That is not a problem these days since we can watch Czech and Slovak movies, documentaries, news, or popular TV series through the Internet. Why not add to our list of online television stations? Today, we introduce to you TV Noe (Noah) – Good News Television that will keep you entertained, while opening your eyes and bringing new values to your lives.



Europe Still Occupied by Russia – Twenty Years Later! (Evropa Stále Obsazena Ruskem – O Dvacet Let Později!)

20 01 2009

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

It has been twenty years since the fall of communism. When we look back, we are amazed how different we used to live. It could seem that the former Eastern Bloc countries have moved on towards independence and freedom, but is it really true? The recent affair with Russian natural gas showed us again how much these countries are still dependent on this powerful country. This was a tough time for Europe, but it showed that EU countries could overcome this burden by helping each other during tough times. What will they do to make sure this won’t happen again?

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Tips for Legal Travel to the USA (Tipy pro Legální Cestování do USA)

13 01 2009

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Airport (

The fact that the Czech Republic was added to the Visa Waiver Program is probably not new to you. You may not know, however, that many other countries were added to this program just recently, including countries that did not previously require visas to enter the USA. This has caused lots of problems for people that were not familiar with the new travel policy. For example, citizens of the United Kingdom would unknowingly still travel without this permit and then face deportation in the United States. Most Czechs and the Slovaks are probably already acquainted with this new process but maybe don’t know what it takes to obtain the permit. The information below could be helpful to many of you and can serve as a checklist to make sure you receive the permit and will be admitted to the United States of America.

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Slovak Movies Online (Slovenske Filmy Pres Internet)

2 01 2009

Článek v ČEŠTINĚ dole (Klikněte na “Read the rest …”)

Fontana pre Zuzanu

One of our latest posts in December was about Czech films online. Our article today is about Slovak movies over the Internet. Rental fees are very similar to Czech TV prices, but you can only rent each movie just for one day and not for one week. You can, however, watch some titles in the Slovak language and some are even free. A list of known Slovak titles includes, for example, Fontana pre Zuzanu, Modre z neba and so on.

All information about the service and movies for rent can be found at the end of our article.


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Bake Your Own Christmas Decorations (Upecte si Vlastni Vanocni Dekorace)

22 12 2008

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Czech and Slovak Christmas used to be associated with simple decorations. Every family in a village would use just wooden or paper decorations to decorate their trees. Still, these simple items would make the holidays very festive. This year we decided to follow one of the Czech and Slovak traditions – baking our own decorations from flour and salt. The preparation was very simple and the dough was flexible allowing us to create many objects of different shapes. The dough became very hard once our pieces were dry.


We have to admit that our candle holder design was truly original and that we are not sure how the traditional Czech and Slovak centerpiece should look; however, we believe that the more imagination you have the more it will make your Christmas special.

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Czech Movies Online (Ceske Filmy Pres Internet)

18 12 2008

Clanek v CESTINE dole (Kliknete na “Read the rest …”)


Czech and Slovak televisions did not have many channels during communism. That did not matter during the Christmas season because they played Czech fairy tales and family movies all day long. Many Czechs and Slovaks abroads probably know: Arabela, Pan Tau, Letajici Cestmir, O Sipkove Ruzence, Princezna ze Mlejna and more. Today all these movies are sold back in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for cheap but you still have to deal with shipping costs and delays during busy holiday seasons. Now you don’t have to.

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Free T-Shirt Winner Selected (Vyherce Tricka Zdarma Vylosovan)

17 12 2008

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Our first free T-Shirt giveaway has come to a close. We have selected a winner and he/she was notified via email. Congratulations to the winner! Don’t worry if you did not win because we will have a new drawing soon. Our next item for free drawing was not selected yet but we believe our mug would be a popular item (CLICK HERE to view). Please, let us know your preferences in our comment form below. In January we plan to reveal our survey results with your feedback; however, we will continue to collect answers from our new readers. If you did not have a chance to answer our quick survey, you can do so now HERE.

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