Tips for Legal Travel to the USA (Tipy pro Legální Cestování do USA)

13 01 2009

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The fact that the Czech Republic was added to the Visa Waiver Program is probably not new to you. You may not know, however, that many other countries were added to this program just recently, including countries that did not previously require visas to enter the USA. This has caused lots of problems for people that were not familiar with the new travel policy. For example, citizens of the United Kingdom would unknowingly still travel without this permit and then face deportation in the United States. Most Czechs and the Slovaks are probably already acquainted with this new process but maybe don’t know what it takes to obtain the permit. The information below could be helpful to many of you and can serve as a checklist to make sure you receive the permit and will be admitted to the United States of America.

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Czechs One Step Closer to Visa Waiver (Cesi Jednim Krokem Blize k Bezvizovemu Styku)

3 11 2008

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Today, the Czech government approved one of the two agreements needed for abolition of U.S. visa requirements. The Agreement was designed to prevent and combat serious crime. Now, American authorities will have full access to fingerprints and DNA profiles of Czech citizens. While the document must be approved by the Czech Parliament and signed by the president, it is just a formality, since the visa requirement will be lifted on the 17th of November – on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which is recorded in the world history as the final day of the Communist regime in former Czechoslovakia.

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Czech Events Abroad (USA, Canada, UK, and more) – October 08 (Ceske Akce v Zahranici – Rijen 08)

28 09 2008

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Jaromir Nohavica – details in October Schedule below

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Czech Embassies – The Most Recent List (Ceske Ambasady – Nejnovejsi Seznam)

9 09 2008

Are you looking for the most recent list of Czech Embassies? Here is a complete summary of 20 locations in the U.S.A. but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The complete list includes locations, contacts, and hours of operations.




Hledate nejnovejsi seznam Ceskych ambasad? Zde najdete kompletni souhrn 20-ti oblasti v U.S.A., ale take ve Velke Britanii, Kanade, Australii, Novem Zelande a Irsku. Tento kompletni seznam obsahuje adresy, kontakty a uredni hodiny.